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  • ​Lived abroad in Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan

  • Fluent in German, dabble in Japanese, French and Spanish

  • Received a Bachelor's Degree from California State University, Humboldt

  • Licensed broker for 15 years, handling residential & commercial real estate sales, trust sales, probate sales, 1031 exchanges. 

  • Handled over 4000 real estate transactions. Studied patterns in negotiations, skilled Contract Negotiator.

  • Ranked in the top 2% (out of 45,000 agents) Nationwide (Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices)

  • WHERE I WORK... Clients take me all over Los Angeles from Leimert Park to West Hills to Studio CIty to Altadena and down by USC. This city is so vast and wonderful, it never gets dull! A bulk of my sales are in: the Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Hollywood, Eagle Rock, Highland Park, Glassell Park, Mt. Washington, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena and surrounding neighborhoods.  


Recommended Reads:


Fear is Fuel, Patrick Sweeney - Study the neuroscience of how your brain functions told through stories.

Never Split the Difference - An FBI Hostage Negotiator discusses emotional intelligence and tactical empathy

No One Would Listen - A true story written by a Wall Street Statistician on the Bernie Madoff fallout and Market Collapse

Ego is The Enemy - The premise is... our problems stems from our own attitude, selfishness and self-absorption.  Ego prevents us from being rational, objective and clear headed.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero - do yourself a favor and invest the time and energy to read this book!

Some Favorite Movies of mine...

I LOVE Old Classic movies                                                                            And New(er) Movies Too!
- Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949 British Comedy)                                 - Special Correspondents (with Ricky Gervais)                 
Undercurrent (1946 Noir Drama)                                                            - Hunt for the Wilderpeople                
- Billy Wilder's "Ball of Fire" (1941 Comedy)                                            - I Am Not An Easy Man (This is Hilarious!)
- It's A Wonderful Life                                                                                  - The Switch (with Jennifer Aniston)

- I Know Where I Am Going (an obscure film)                                          - Sahara (Based on a Clive Cussler Book)                           - Casablanca                                                                                                  - Silver Linings Playbook     

- Brief Encounter (1945 British Film)                 



Life is short, enjoy every minute... photo of me in the outer reaches of Ireland

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