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Margaret is a brilliant realtor. Before hiring her, we interviewed four different realtors - three of whom had very high ratings. We found her to be the best.


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I have bought and sold 4 houses. In the most recent, I was represented by Margaret Cashion. She proved one of the most qualified, measured and sharpest persons at their profession across all professions. Simply put, she is one of the best people at their job I’ve ever encountered. I listed my house not long after the Covid shutdowns, in an unpredictable market that was changing daily. My house was also difficult to quantify due to its small square footage and unusual custom renovations. Margaret put in a tremendous amount of research, ground game, legwork and consultation with every step of the process no matter what unexpected twists were thrown our way. It was not an easy sell for reasons that were often random or unforeseeable. She considered, consulted others as knowledgeable as herself, thought through and ably spoke as to how not only to approach each step, but how to adjust equally to small detailed nuances and also large sea changes that at points threatened the sale. She was able to advocate for new ways of going forward and leave aside previous strategies that no longer fit. Throughout it all she kept the goals of what was important to me, the client, first and foremost. As the need became evident to deal directly with contractors and tradespeople, it was clear that there was a deep mutual respect and value between Margaret and those she dealt with professionally. Margaret’s untiring hard work, daily integrity and ethics paid off with the desired result, a strong sale with a very beneficial price. In one of the larger transactions I have been a part of at a personal level, I am grateful for the guidance and financial strength Margaret Cashion provided

Margaret just helped us sell our home in Tujunga. We got top dollar, way over asking price with her excellent guidance and advice. The buyers threw every wrench into the escrow possible, yet with Margaret on our side we felt protected, sheltered, safe. She will explain everything you need to know throughout the process, presenting your options, gently guiding you through the process. She is the utmost professional and pleasant person to deal with. I loved that she is text-able, saving us so much time when we had simple questions. Did I say she was gentle? Yes. However, she is TOUGH! One tough cookie when it came to negotiating and fighting for us. Don't let her demeanor fool you. Margaret had our backs and will have yours too. Call her NOW. Whether selling or buying, she is the best thing you will ever do for your transaction!

Margaret is a brilliant realtor. Before hiring her, we interviewed four different realtors - three of whom had very high ratings. We found her to be the best - e.g., showing up to the interview already having researched the neighborhood for appropriate comps and having a gentle, patient manner we found refreshing and reassuring. From September 2014, she spent the better part of a year preparing our home for sale - never once losing her patience even if we may have lost ours. When it came to preparing the house, she told us what repairs/improvements should be done throughout the house that would be the most cost effective and recommended capable and honest people who could do some of the suggested work. When it came time to put the house on market, Margaret also was able to access a huge number of potential sources to maximize our home's exposure...thus ensuring our home was visited by well over a hundred different buyers in just a few weeks. When it came time to decide which potential buyers to consider for counter-offers, she gave us great recommendations on strategy. When it came time to choose the best offer, she again gave us great advice of when to push and when to settle taking into account our particular preferences. In the end, we were very happy with the price we received for the home and knew it was largely due to her persistence, patience, knowledge, experience and intelligence. We recommend her in the highest terms to anyone who wants to sell their home.

Although an experienced home buyer and investor in NJ, GA and OR, we found the task of purchasing in LA very daunting. Too much interest in the areas we focused on required a substantial amount of guidance, experience and research beyond the norm. We found Margaret through another Real Estate Broker so I only today read Margaret's reviews on YELP. All true.

We found Margaret on Yelp after we had a terrible experience with another agent we found on yelp (she shall not be named). We wanted someone to help us buy a house, apparently to SOME agents that is a lot to ask... especially if you don't have a big budget. Unlike our previous agent Margaret sent us listings every day, personal emails about which ones she liked and why and times we could go with her to see them. She treated us as if we were her only clients and we were her highest priority even though I knew deep down neither of that was actually true... When we put an offer on a house after having been pre-approved we found out our mortgage broker had make a HUGE mistake. We lost the house and all hope of homeownership. Margaret came to the rescue with a new mortgage broker referral, new listings, and a positive outlook. A few weeks later she found us the perfect house.... well almost. Margaret found a few things wrong with it, things even the inspector missed (she's brilliant like that) so we decided to offer a few thousand below asking in a VERY competitive market. I was worried we were asking too much from the seller but Margaret kept assuring me and I trusted her. After much negotiation Margaret got us the house for well below asking and later a huge closing cost credit on an AS IS contract. I think she even surprised herself on that one!I have to say when I first met her I thought she was a tad on the quiet side (especially since I'm a tad on the obnoxious side) but like others have said, don't let that fool you. Though she comes across as sweet and unassuming she's a real shark when she needs to be. She never gave up on us and for that we owe her big time. Thanks Margaret for all your PATIENCE, support and free therapy sessions. You were a lifesaver in more ways than you will ever know. - B.K.

Well, where to start? I never write reviews on Yelp. I'm very lazy. So I dusted off this Yelp account with a general idea of what to write about this incredible professional called Margaret Cashion. Then I got distracted when started reading all the amazing reviews about her and I just realized that everybody else already wrote everything I wanted to say. So rather than start listing all her qualities that are already well described on other reviews, I give you facts. Me and Margaret first met on Sept 19th. Escrow closed on November 15th!!!! Merry Christmas to me!! The whole process was very smooth thanks to her experience and suggestions. It seemed like she was working just for me! I already know that she will be helping me with the next property! Thanks again Margaret!

Margaret is the best! She was wonderful to work with from start to finish, when my husband and I searched for our first home last year. As most first-time home buyers, we had a ton of questions but Margaret was patient and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. We also appreciated how responsive and available she was, attending every single one of the many house visits during our search. She really made us feel like we were her only clients. We will absolutely work with Margaret again in our next home search, and would recommend her to anyone!

5 stars do not adequately describe Margaret. My husband and I were so lucky we found her. We just closed on our first house last week and it is everything we have been looking for. And Margaret played a tremendously huge role in helping us find our dream home. As first-time homebuyers in the crowded and competitive field of LA homebuyers we were initially lost. We had another realtor who soured our experience and we stopped looking for awhile. Then by chance we ran into Margaret's website, We felt like we found a kindred spirit who appreciated the classic beauty of LA. From Day 1 until closing Margaret was a dream to work with. No e-mail went unanswered and they were all answered promptly. She patiently answered all of our almost-daily questions and tried her best to find the answer if she didn't have them herself. She pursued every house that we were interested in and did not shy away from pursuing short sales (slow and a pain). She's very nice and easygoing, but to seller's agent I'm sure she was tough, persistent yet always a professional. She always made us feel like we were priority #1 even though we know she had lots of other clients. I can go on and on but it should be obvious by now that we were extremely happy and satisfied working with her. If you need an LA realtor look no further. The best compliment I can give is that we were in such good hands with her that in a few years, when we're ready to sell, we'll put our trust again in her hands.

I found Margaret on Yelp and sure enough, the reviews speaketh the truth.If you're a first-time home buyer, Margaret is the realtor you want. She takes the time to explain terminology, contracts, and the whole process of buying a home. At first we were intimidated by what we didn't know, but after our first consultation with Margaret, we were 100% fired up and ready to find our house. We were looking in silverlake, mt. washington, eagle rock, and burbank, which are her specialty areas. She was patient, NEVER pushy, and works very closely with some of the best inspectors & contractors in the area. While patient and easygoing with her clients, she knows how to be tough-as-nails when it comes to negotiating and being an advocate for the client behind the scenes. We found the perfect home in Eagle Rock after a 3 month search. While the process had its ups & downs (which is not uncommon for home sales) Margaret was there to see it through with us. Because of the home warranty, we can call her if we have any problems with the house. Overall, it was a very positive experience and would definitely recommend her.

Margaret just helped my wife and I buy or first home and we can't thank her enough. She guided us through the process and managed our purchase perfectly. One of the many great things is that with each of the many offers we wrote she developed a strategy for each one. She isn't just out to make a sale but wants her clients to be in a home that they are happy with and works for them. She will stand up for her clients and is prompt and professional. I would trust her to manage any real estate transaction.Margaret also has excellent referrals for contractors. So far we have hired two of her referrals and they have been great.On top of all that she very nice!If you want to buy or sell a home meet with her before you do anything else!

As my wife Jessica & I were combing through real estate agents, I thoroughly questioned every agent we met with (either over the phone or in person); I found reasons to dislike almost everyone. When Jessica asked me to meet with Margaret Cashion in person, my intention was be just as relentless in my examination. Before our intro mtg, I recall telling my wife "we're only going to spend 30-45 mins here, maybe an hour tops!" That meeting lasted over 3.5 hours! Margaret patiently and diligently responded to our questions, walked us through the process in detail, and showed great care for our needs. Over the next few months, we spent a lot of time with Margaret looking for our ideal home. The three best descriptors of Margaret are a) strategic; b) detailed-oriented; and c) responsive. Margaret's approach to dealing with clients is highly strategic - she's not myopic in trying to simply sell a house; Margaret wants to make sure to point out reasons why you might NOT like a home or provide her opinion on why a home is not a suitable fit for you. Additionally, Margaret is amazingly organized and responsive which are two very important elements as one goes through the stressful process of writing offers, negotiating, and closing on a home.We are really glad we found Margaret on yelp and cannot give a higher recommendation for her services!

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