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You are thinking about selling...

Who can you trust to represent you?
Who will look out for your best interests?

How can we help you feel comfortable about the home selling process?

Will your home sell quickly for a great price?

You probably have a number of questions you need answers to.

You may be nervous in terms of how the market is going to respond to your home.

You might also have a handful of concerns.

You probably have some thoughts about getting your home ready for sale.

You may even be interviewing several agents to see who is going to be the best fit.

Sample of Past Listings - showing marketing, photography



90027: 141 sales in Los Feliz in 2022. Prices ranged from $822,105-$6,950,000. I will highlight one sale in this zip code (and there were a number of great properties that sold).


90039: 183 sales in 2022 which encompasses a section of Silver Lake and Atwater Village. Sales prices ranged from $450,000-$4,650,000. 

90041: 162 sales in 2022 which encompasses Eagle Rock. Prices ranged from $675,000-$3,501,727 Eagle Rock saw four sales above three million, and 19 sales above 2 million. It felt like during the pandemic when one of the first homes sold for over 2 million it was mildly shocking, a milestone. (For sellers good, for buyers maybe not). Eagle Rock for years has had incredibly low turnover, around 3% of the homes sold every year. Never enough to satisfy the demand. During the pandemic it went up to more than 10% turnover of homes which was great that there were more homes for buyers to evaluate however the low cost to borrow money made it a frenzy where it was common to have more than 20+ offers on one house. The increase in home sales showed that people were going thru some fortunate or unfortunate life changes. Highlighting 5287 Townsend Avenue, one sale in 2022 that was a unique and artistically styled home, oozed with charm and had good vibes.

90026: 211 Sales in 2022 Silver Lake & Echo Park. Sales prices ranged from $625,000-$3,800,000. There are a lot of “small lot subdivisions” in this area, single family homes spaced about 5 inches apart, usually with low HOA dues, often you share a common driveway, & landscaping maintenance. Great “lock & load properties”. Meaning if you want privacy or you travel often not many people will notice. Attached garages w/direct entry, private rooftop decks & close to shops & restaurants. Los Angeles is trying to encourage higher density living. They seem to be a great long term investment.

90042: Highland Park. 286 Single Family Home sales in 2022. Prices ranged from $520,000-$3,888,000. Highland Park has become a very popular area to live because of the shops & restaurants along York Blvd & Figueroa. In addition, so many of the homes have character details, and/or pretty views of the mountains or the rolling hills.

90065: 277 sales in this zip code which encompasses Mt Washington, Cypress Park & Glassell Park. Prices ranged from $445,000-$2,955,000. 

90031:  85 sales in 2022 which encompasses Lincoln Heights and Montecito Heights & Frogtown. Prices ranged from $429,000- $2,700,000. Over the years there have NOT been a lot of turnover. Families keep them and pass them on to kids. Close to the LA River with a nice pathway to walk or bike along.

91030: South Pasadena 102 Sales. Prices ranged from $765,000-$4,600,000. South Pasadena has phenomenal schools from elementary to high school. Stately homes spread out on larger flat parcels. 


91105: 111 sales. A small section of Pasadena N of the 134, & the San Rafael Hills, & the Arroyo area. Prices ranged from $500,000 - $9,600,000. Stunning & expansive gated estates, views of the mountains, exquisite architecture & serene streets. 


91103: 129 Sales. Encompasses the Linda Vista area, east of the rose bowl until about Marengo Ave. A wide array in size, architecture, amenities. Sales prices ranged from $550,000-$5,600,000. 


91001: 355 sales in Altadena. Prices ranged from 350,000-$3,875,000. Most if not all of the homes in Altadena have the mountains as a backdrop that jut strongly into view. Temperatures are cooler at the foot of the San Gabriel Mtns. Many homes have larger backyards which is one of the draws, one has to drive to shops & restaurants. The flip side is it’s more tranquil & quiet. 

91011: La Canada-Flintridge 209 sales in 2022. Prices ranged from $999,000 - $10,000,000. Beautiful tree lined streets, majestic old oak trees, gated estates. 

91214: La Crescenta - 261 sales. Prices ranged from 693,000-$3,580,000. If you are looking for a 4-bedroom home you have the highest chance of finding that here. 56 of the homes that sold had 4 BR’s, 13 had 5 BR’s. Most of the homes were built in 1950 or later which shows people wanted more space. 


90032: El Sereno - 181 sales in 2022. Prices ranged from $350,000- $1,650,000. It feels like this area has quite a lot of properties purchased by investors & renovated and resold. So the inventory is slowly getting a make over. 

90063: 92 sales in the Boyle Heights/City Terrace area. Most people hold on to properties in this area for years so again NOT as much turnover. Prices ranged from $355,000-1,110,000. Some under-the-radar highlights: there is a guy who sells coconut horchata on the weekends on the corner of Rowan & Cesar Chavez, some of the best horchata, worth trying. Check out El Mercadito 3425 1st St. & Sara’s Market at 3455 City Terrace Dr, typically has a different taco truck on friday nights. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us, we take your best interests to heart.

A Sample Timeline of Events When Selling Your Home

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